5 Luxurious Personalized Decanter Sets

A luxurious personalized decanter set instantly elevates any home bar or whiskey collection. Far more than just a vessel for pouring spirits, a handcrafted cut crystal decanter and matching glasses make both a lavish gift for the whiskey enthusiast in your life as well as a valuable upgrade to enhance your own at-home happy hours. When customized with special engraved details, names, dates or designs meaningful to the recipient, the set becomes even more memorable and unique – sure to impress guests and delight for years to come. For those seeking a sophisticated gift that goes above and beyond the typical bottle of liquor, we spotlight the top five bestselling personalized decanter options guaranteed to add an air of distinction.

1. Waterford Lismore Decanter Set

As the crown jewel among iconic luxury glassmakers worldwide, Waterford’s elite Lismore decanter set is the epitome of refined taste. Showcasing Waterford’s legendary diamond and wedge cuts, the light refracting prismatically through the brilliant lead-free crystal lends unparalleled sparkle and elegance perfect for upscale entertaining. Serving as the eye-catching centerpiece, the gracefully elongated silhouette of the Lismore whiskey decanter invites up to two lines of bespoke engraved text, making a resplendent gift to celebrate life’s grandest milestones and most meaningful moments. For those desiring superlative Irish craftsmanship to take fine sipping to a higher echelon, Waterford’s engraved Lismore collection transforms merely pouring a drink into an artform.

2. James Scott 5-Piece Globe Decanter Set

James Scott’s splendid 5-piece whiskey decanter ensemble exudes refined luxury, starring an inverted globe decanter ornately plated in lustrous 24k gold. This showstopping centerpiece evokes an air of worldly sophistication, paired with four lead-free old fashioned glasses creating a stunning personalized canvas. Etch engraved initials, a romantic quote, or upcoming milestone date to commemorate on the glasses to make a lavish custom gift set commemorating momentous life occasions. For whiskey connoisseurs, globe trotters, or those simply appreciating life’s finer indulgences, this handsome decanter and glassware set brings celebratory panache to home bars worldwide.

3. Marquis by Waterford 2-Piece Personalized Decanter Set

Marquis by Waterford’s sleek 2-piece decanter set radiates contemporary elegance with its minimalist linear design. Comprised of a handsome Duo decanter and stately rocks glass, this pairing lends itself seamlessly to personalization. Opt to engrave a special initial, name, or meaningful date on either vessel or both to make this timeless decanter and glass set a memorable bespoke gift for celebrating life’s finest occasions in refined style.For the whiskey drinker who wants something more daring than classic cut crystal, personalized whiskey decanter also come in creative shapes sure to start conversations. Like these style-leading options:

4. Monteverdi Car Decanter

Monteverdi’s custom-made car decanter is the ultimate personal gift for automotive buffs. Master Italian artisans meticulously hand-sculpt this bespoke 3D crystal decanter into an exact replica of any chosen vehicle, whether classic European sports car, vintage American hot rod, or luxury sedan. Capturing astonishing realism and detail that makes car aficionados’ hearts race, recipients can further customize their rare spirit vessel with engraved initials or special dates on the license plate back, creating a sleek one-of-a-kind commemorative for momentous occasions. For discerning enthusiasts passionate about finely-crafted whiskey and machines alike, this jaw-dropping decanter delivers a rare collectors’ dream come true.

5. Gift Set of Ravenscroft Crystal Aviator Decanter

Ravenscroft’s Aviator decanter outfit, perfect for the pilot who enjoys mid-century nostalgia, combines avant-garde elegance with custom personalisation to honour reaching new heights in life’s journeys. A unique engraved set honouring aviation interests and passions is created by combining the propeller stopper of the crystal decanter with vintage-style glasses, which are inspired by antique cockpit gauges and fixtures. Save verses that describe soaring, fingerprint grooves, coordinates that remind you of particular sky and places, or statements from early aviators that encapsulate the allure of flight. This art deco-style barware set guarantees that favourite high-proof spirits can be enjoyed wherever the horizon may lead and that stories can be shared in an intriguing way for years to come.


Few presents compare to the timeless sentiment of a personalised decanter set for life’s greatest moments—an heirloom that will remember every occasion for years to come. Shop our selection of bestselling personalized note pads and glasses engraved specially for the whiskey lover in your life. Make toasts for decades at retirements, weddings, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and all of life’s finest occasions with barware as unique as your memories.

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