Before explaining Neo Nature, let’s start with Trend Forcasting first. For those of you who don’t know what Trend Forcasting is, this is a method of predicting future trends.

In the world of fashion, trend always repeat themselves following trends from previous years. Maybe you pay more attention to the clothes of the people around you. The current designs are actually a form of a trend that previously existed but wrapped in a slight update.


One factor in changing trends is no longer based on the user’s age, biography or income alone. However, this Gen-Z era has seen more of their mood and beliefs regarding current trendy clothes. This means whether wearing these clothes will make them happy, look fashionable, etc.

What do you think? Trying to predict a future trend is not easy but it is interesting to learn. Many fashion schools in Indonesia study this science, especially in Jakarta. Including the Italian Fashion School school institution.

IFS (Italian Fashion School) has a program that studies this science. In the Visual Merchandising and Fashion History class, you will learn all about early history and analyze all the trends that existed in previous eras. If you are interested in finding out more about this field, IFS Jakarta offers a free Trial Class and there are no minimum or maximum age requirements.

Long to explain in one article. However, to get to know Trend Forcasting in more detail, it will be explained in a separate article from the main theme this time.

Trend Forcasting / Trend Forecasting this time in 2023-2024, one of which is “Neo Nature”. This theme is built on escapism & existing myths. However, this theme focuses more on the earth that we can see, reach and step on now. Not discussing space myths or deep sea stories.

The Color Palette is based on jungle shades, such as green, lime, and vivid. emphasizes imagery of flora and fauna – especially mushrooms and forests and fruit patterns.

The core/trending message in the theme for 2023-2024 this time is how we can love the earth completely. This message is present because textiles are one of the largest contributors to waste in the world.

It is hoped that this theme will be able to minimize excessive use of textiles in order to reduce waste produced from these textiles. This awareness has also been implemented in school institutions that are involved in the world of fashion.


The most important reason for sustainability is to reduce waste itself. However, for us, living sustainably is an obligation as a form of our love for the earth. Conscious and Wise are sentences embedded in the school for designers who are studying at IFS Jakarta.

Current and future challenges and obstacles are not easy if you are involved in the world of fashion trend, especially for designers. Nowadays it is no longer about how to make/create clothes. However, processing and maximizing existing resources for a life that is friendlier to the earth. The importance of forecasting fashion trends is not just about what will happen next. But, what can be changed if future trends could become a problem?

Examples include using leftover materials/fabrics, recycled fabrics, natural materials such as woven, or perhaps renewable resources that are more environmentally friendly. It is hoped that this will be a solution in the future. And with this Neo Nature theme, it is hoped that it will be able to create a fashionable, environmentally friendly life for the next generation of humanity.


Trend Forcasting is the science of predicting future fashion trends. One of the upcoming trends is the theme “Neo Nature“, the essence of this theme is awareness of having a sustainable lifestyle and being aware of loving the earth. Textiles are one of the largest contributors to waste in the world. In the future, fashion designers are required to be more creative in using leftover fabric, renewable fabric and so on.

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