Must Know! 7 Advantages of Business Email over Personal Email

Not a few predict that email or electronic mail will be abandoned due to the rise of mobile messenger and chat applications. In fact, users of email services have actually increased from year to year even when collaboration solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom mushroomed during the pandemic. Based on Statista projections, email users will reach 4.6 billion in 2025, an increase from 4 billion in 2020. Business people still consider email to be irreplaceable for their business communications. What has transformed is only how companies host, store and distribute email, one of which is business email.

So, what is business email and how can business email help companies manage business email more easily? For complete details, see the following article.

What is Business Email and What are the Benefits for Companies?

Business email is a service that allows you to send, receive, and store emails on servers provided by an email hosting provider. Basically, the provider will rent out email addresses specifically for businesses and there are many benefits to choosing this service, such as.

  • Gaining Trust.
  • Protecting Business Data.
  • Keeps you free from spam.
  • Easy to access on all devices.
  • Short and professional business email name.
  • Flexible in controlling the business.

Apart from that, the need for business email cannot be separated when you run a business to make their work easier, such as the use of your employee email accounts can be managed from one place. Account naming is simple by using the name of each staff or department.

Zimbra Email & Collaboration is Present as the Best Business Email Hosting Solution

Zimbra Email & Collaboration is open source software for email hosting and collaboration. Where Zimbra will provide full power email server solutions, group calendar, contacts and management, as well as scheduling via the web. For email, this one is available for Linux, Mac OS X and other virtualization platforms.

Utilizing Zimbra email will of course get many benefits, such as reliable antivirus and antispam as one unit on the mail server. The user account and mailbox capacity provided is unlimited. Easy maintenance and setup by utilizing the Web Administration Console.

Zimbra also has multi-domain capabilities, limits mailbox quotas per user and can be combined with a mail spooling feature. Apart from that, the Zimbra server can run on all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

7 Advantages of Business Email from Zimbra Email & Collaboration Compared to Personal Email for Business Needs!

Zimbra Email & Collaboration has a lot of similarities to G-suite. However, at a cheaper price and still with good and complete quality. Here are seven advantages of using from Zimbra.

1. Professional Email

You can use Zimbra Email and Collaboration by using your own (company, business, personal) domain name ([email protected]). So, it will make you more professional and convincing.

2. Integrated Smart Mailbox

Smart mailbox support that integrates email, tasks, messages, address book, calendar, files and company applications that can be used easily and quickly.

3. Protect Business Data

Security protection and full control as an administrator according to needs including email synchronization with various other platforms such as Gmail and Yahoo.

4. Spamming Filters

The best spamming filter Zimbra Email and Collaboration is also supported by an anti-spamming feature that you can use to send and receive emails, so it will ensure that your emails are read in the main folder and don’t end up in the spam folder.

5. Easy to access

Zimbra Email and Collaboration can be accessed anywhere using Zimbra Mobile (Android & IOS), Zimbra Desktop (Microsoft & MacOS) or Microsoft Outlook using IMAP/POP, CalDAV and CarDAV.

6. Flexible in controlling your business

Can be integrated with your hosting at IDcloudhost so that capacity will be adjusted to the availability of hosting capacity that you have so that it is more flexible to use.

7. Ease of Communication

Zimbra Chat Zimlet You can communicate with other users via the Zimbra Web Client where you can invite and delete friends and call lists. Zimbra Chat will make your communication easier like a chat messenger.​

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