Planning to spend your vacation time in the West Papua region? First check the tourist guide to king Ampat. The reason is, this tourist location is not only targeted by domestic tourists, but also foreign tourists.

In fact, a tourist trip to a place nicknamed ‘a piece of heaven that fell to earth’ is not cheap. However, it is worth the sensation you will get when you are there.

Location of king Ampat

The geographical location of this archipelago is at 2⁰25′ north latitude. Based on south latitude, its position is at coordinates 4⁰25′. And 130⁰-135⁰55′ east longitude. king Ampat consists of 610 small islands with an area of 46,108 km².

Uniquely, more than 80% of the area is sea. In fact, the ocean offers beautiful views and is still clean. That is why king Ampat is famous for its beach tourism.

It’s not enough to just get to the surface. While there, you can do fun snorkeling and diving activities. This cannot be separated from the many exotic coral reef spots found in several areas.

Vacation Destinations to king Ampat

Starting to be interested in visiting? It’s best not to rush. First, get to know the various tourist destinations that you can visit there. That way, you can decide where you want to go.

Especially if you have limited holiday time or budget. So choosing a tourist destination is very important. Nothing other than so that you can still enjoy your holiday optimally despite the limitations. So, let’s check what you can visit.

Arborek Village

Planning to try diving and snorkeling? Put Arborek Village on your list of tourist destinations while in king Ampat. The reason is, various species of fish and coral reefs are ready to welcome you there.

  • This island, which is an hour’s journey by speedboat from Waisai, contains very friendly people. Of course it makes tourists feel at home. However, it is best to comply with several rules, namely:
  • Jumping into the water from the pier is prohibited. It’s best to go down slowly so as not to startle the fish species.
  • Try not to step on coral reefs.
  • Fishing is not allowed in certain areas.
  • Must always maintain cleanliness.
  • Maintain politeness.
  • It seems that residents really appreciate nature. The proof is that the implementation of the rules is in order to preserve the environment. So, as a tourist, you will obey these rules, right?

Visit Pasir Timbul while on holiday to king Ampat

What is Pasir Timbul? As the name suggests, this is a stretch of sand that suddenly breaks open and comes to the surface when the sea water is receding. You can visit it while on Mansuar Island.

To reach this stretch of soft sand, you have to take a boat first. Apart from that, make sure to visit at the right time, namely when the water recedes at 06.00, 11.00 and 15.00.

If you visit at high tide, of course you won’t find it, because it is covered by sea water. In fact, when the land appears, you can walk on it, play in the sand, swim, or just take a selfie and make all your friends in your hometown jealous via Instagram stories.

Star Lagoon (Star Lagoon)

Not just a nickname, the word star does not only describe the view of champions. This lagoon really resembles a star. This shape will appear more clearly if you challenge yourself to climb the hill.

Challenge? Yes, because it takes effort to get to the top. However, when you set foot at the top, all the difficulties of climbing will disappear instantly. Because nature offers views that are worth it!

In the lagoon itself, you can snorkel and peek at the beautiful marine life. It’s even more enjoyable because the water is warm. However, you have to bring your own equipment, because there is no snorkeling equipment rental there.

Pencil Stone

Driving by speedboat from Waisai to Kabui Bay, where Batu Pencil is right in the middle, is an exciting trip. When you arrive at your destination, you will find docks around it, making it easier for tourist boats to dock.

A holiday to king Ampat is indeed incomplete if you don’t visit Batu Pencil. This group of coral islands about 15 meters high stands tall in the middle of the ocean, like a sturdy pillar.

Unlike other coral clusters which tend to have blunt rounded ends, the Pencil Stone has a pointed end. Maybe this is what inspired the name. Whatever it is, with the right shooting angle, you will get cool photos.

Wayag Island

Located in West Waigeo village, Wayag Island is the furthest from king Ampat. Travel time can reach 6 hours. So, it’s a good idea to stay on a nearby island to have more time to explore.

You can also see more beautiful views by climbing the hill. However, be careful, because the coral hills are sharp and quite steep. Make sure you use proper footwear and don’t bring a lot of luggage.

As one of the icons of king Ampat, Wayag Island deserves to be included on your list of visiting destinations. The view is unique, namely a stretch of sea water with beautiful colors, combined with white sand which forms neat gradations of color.

Add to that several coral clusters that form charming formations. At the top, trees grow, so the natural impression is even more complete.

Wayag Peak

Salawati Island

Want to see the beautiful Salawati rainbow fish? Just come straight to the island. One of the large islands in king Ampat has an area of 1,623 km². Uniquely, there are stretches of wild sago trees growing in the forest area.

For those of you who like a beautiful and calm natural atmosphere, Salawati Island could be the right choice. When you are there, you will feel relaxed and fresher.

Batanta Waterfall

Who said that the charm of Raja Ampat only lies in beach tourism? Take a look at the Batanta waterfall first. Very majestic with a height reaching 10 meters. The surrounding rocks also add to the beautiful view.

Located on the island of Batanta, this waterfall is truly the main charm of the area. It is even more interesting, because it is different from other types of tourism in king Ampat which are mostly related to beaches.

It’s just that you need extra energy to reach this waterfall. You have to trek one kilometer into the forest. Of course, far from the village.

However, it would be a shame to miss the view at the waterfall. Especially for those of you who like photography and selfies.

That is it? Certainly not. king Ampat still has other charms, such as Misool Island, Pianemo Hill, Sauwandarek Village, and others. So, are you ready to go to king Ampat?

How to Get to Raja Ampat

To reach king Ampat, you have to travel in at least three stages, using different modes of transportation. Among others are:

1. From Jakarta to Sorong

If you start your journey from Jakarta, you must go to Sorong first. The means of transportation at this stage is by airplane. However, for a more economical option, you can use a ship.

However, the difference in travel time is very different. If you use a plane, it only takes about 4 hours.

Meanwhile, if you go by ship, the journey can take up to seven days.

2. Options when arriving in Sorong

Upon arrival in Sorong, there is the option of continuing the journey by plane. The ticket price to king Ampat is IDR 750,000 and can be purchased directly at the airport. Again, the cheaper option is to use the sea route.

However, this means that from the airport you have to go to the port first using city transportation. The cost of this public transportation is IDR 10,000 per person.

3. From the port to Raja Ampat

Once at the port, you can choose to use a fast boat or ferry to get to king Ampat. Of course, using a fast boat only takes two hours. However, the price is slightly more expensive, namely Rp. 130,000 per person.

It’s different if you choose to go to king Ampat using a ferry. The cost is indeed cheaper, namely IDR 100,000. However, the travel time can reach four hours or even longer. However, the choice is still yours.

Furthermore, boat transportation while in king Ampat is quite expensive. However, this can still be circumvented by traveling with other travelers, so that the costs can be shared.

Tips for Traveling to king Ampat

king Ampat tourism is synonymous with expensive costs. Is that true? Don’t worry, in fact there are several savings tricks you can do. Especially if you have a lot of time.

The following are some tips for vacationing in king Ampat. Not only about costs, but other practical tips.

1. Research Transportation Costs

First, pay attention to transportation costs. If the holiday time is long enough, choosing to use sea transportation can save a lot of costs. So, try comparing plane and ship tickets, to get a more economical price.

2. Select a tourist destination

There are many choices of tourist destinations in king Ampat. Each has different costs. Both in terms of transportation, food costs, overnight stay and entrance tickets. By looking for detailed information, you can choose any destination that suits your budget.

3. Always obey local community rules

Remember that you are in someone else’s city. So, be polite and respect local customs, customs and rules. The goal is that your presence there does not disturb you, and your holiday feels enjoyable.

4. Bring a Spare Charger

Next, don’t forget to bring a spare charger, namely a power bank. The reason is, not all tourist locations have an electricity source to charge cameras or smartphones. It would definitely be annoying if an interesting view wasn’t captured just because the battery ran out, right?

Bringing a spare memory card could also be a wise move. The reason is, there are many interesting objects in king Ampat. If you indulge in joy, there will definitely be lots of photos filling your memory card.

5. Create a king Ampat PIN

When visiting the king Ampat area, visitors are required to have a permit identity known as a PIN. Usually, apart from being an entry identity, the PIN is also used as a form of donation for the king Ampat area.

6. Use Travel Agent Services

If you don’t want the hassle, try using the services of a travel agent. You will find many choices of travel packages. Just choose according to your wishes and available funds. There are also tour organizers who provide custom packages.

This package will give you the freedom to choose a tourist destination according to your wishes. Whichever one you choose, make sure the price is reasonable.

Considering that ticket prices to king Ampat are quite expensive, plan your trip carefully. However, there is no need to worry too much, because the king Ampat experience is extraordinary and well worth the money.

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