Understanding Email Marketing, Functions, Objectives and Examples

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy with minimal costs. Even though many people say that email is outdated, in fact the success of promotions via email is 40% better than social media.

How to achieve these results? How to make email marketing optimal?

In this article we will discuss the meaning of email marketing, how email marketing works and what strategies are right for starting it. Listen carefully, OK?

Understanding Email Marketing

Email marketing is a product marketing strategy by offering it to potential consumers via email.

Even though promotions using email marketing are called the old method, this strategy is actually still effective today. There are several advantages that help businesses develop well. What are the advantages?

  • Requires a small budget but provides maximum results.
  • Potential customers like it because it seems professional.
  • More effective than social media.
  • Communication is more personal.
  • Easily reach consumers with a variety of devices.

There are quite a lot of advantages, right? So don’t be mistaken, even though it is an old method, this marketing method can still be applied, it would be better if you combine it with several other strategies for maximum results.

How Email Marketing Works

Actually, this marketing strategy can be used simply, like writing a letter to someone else. In more detail, here is how email marketing works:

  • Open email, then write the message you want to send.
  • Write the email address you want to send
  • The email server automatically identifies the destination address. After that, email will send the message.
  • When the email has been sent, the contents of the message are automatically saved on the email server. That way, the recipient can find it easily.

Very simple isn’t it? Apart from that, you don’t need to spend a large budget to carry out this marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Strategy

Below are several email marketing strategies that you can try to market your products more optimally.

1. Utilize an Email Marketing Plugin

Using an email marketing plugin is very important for those of you who have a WordPress website, because your marketing efforts will be easier and faster.

There are many plugins to choose from, one of which is Sumo. This plugin has been used by more than 800 thousand websites throughout the world, so it is definitely very effective. This plugin helps you create campaigns to get leads.

2. Sending an Email Blast

Email blast is the activity of sending emails to many people at once. In the world of marketing, email blasts are used to reach consumers quickly and easily. These activities can be carried out automatically using a special platform.

3. Using the MailChimp Platform

One of the best platforms in email marketing is MailChimp. Mailchimp will help you send messages automatically, integrate with various other tools, share campaign options according to your business, and most importantly you can use it for free.

4. Do Email List Building

Doing an email list can be very important, why? Because by doing so, you will find out who the audience is interested in your product, so you can send promotional content to them.

One way to create an email list is to hold a product giveaway, or you can also create a special landing page.

5. Design a Newsletter

A newsletter is a promotion via email that focuses on product information.

The newsletter promotion approach is quite elegant, it does not force the target to immediately buy the product, so this will make the audience comfortable with your promotional method.

6. Increase Email Open Rate

To increase your open rate, create a list of target consumers, then send promotional emails to them.

Don’t forget to make your email as interesting as possible, so that potential consumers feel comfortable so that it is possible that they will be interested in buying.

11 Email Marketing Tips

After learning email marketing strategies, now is the time to find out effective tips so that your email marketing is of high quality. What are the tips?

1. Create a Mobile Friendly Email Title

It is very important to create an email title that is mobile friendly, so that the title looks attractive and displays well on mobile phones and tablets. Why so? Because many users receive emails using mobile devices.

If the title is too long, it will be truncated, making it less interesting to look at. The tip is to create a title using 10 words, so that it looks good when opened using a mobile device.

2. Use Double Strategy

Using a double strategy is a way to resend the same email but using a different title. This strategy can increase the open rate, so it can get the attention of the audience.

3. Write your name as sender

Apart from the title, the sender’s name also determines the success of email marketing. Because most of the audience always confirms the sender’s name before deciding to open the email.

This is understandable because the audience certainly doesn’t want to open suspicious emails. That’s why it’s important to use your name as the sender of the offer email.

4. Personalize

Like using a name as an email sender, greet the audience by name. This personalization not only builds closeness with your audience, but also shows the professionalism of your business.

Not only is it limited to mentioning names, the promotions carried out must also be appropriate to the target audience. The advantage of personalization is increasing the open rate of your email marketing.

5. Create Short and Clear Emails

A good promotional strategy is to provide clear information briefly. Therefore, creating promotional content in emails must also be the same. Because audiences usually only use 51 seconds to read a promotional email.

Apart from that, audiences read emails via mobile devices, if the information is not concise and clear then the promotional message will not be conveyed.

6. Using Magic Word

Magical words are a list of words that you can rely on to attract your audience. These words build trust through the explanation given and invite them to buy it.

The following are some magic words that are used. That is:

  • Free, this word can be used to offer free products or free services such as postage.
  • Easy, this word is suitable for businesses that require the consumer’s role in use or installation.
  • Limited, use this word to build an impression of urgency so that potential consumers buy immediately.
  • Guarantee, this word builds the trust of potential consumers. This can be in the form of a replacement guarantee for goods, a service guarantee or a money back guarantee.
  • Discounts and price cuts always make consumers interested in buying a product. Keep in mind, if you give a discount, don’t forget to consider your profits carefully.

7. Create a Call-To-Action According to the Offer

The goal of email marketing is to direct the audience to the prepared landing page. This can be achieved if you get the Call-ToAtion (CTA) correctly.

You should not use template CTAs like “buy now” or “get now”. However, use sentences that match the content of the marketing message.

8. Customize the Landing Page

Make sure the marketing message you send to potential consumers has the same appearance as the destination landing page. Apart from that, don’t forget to ensure that the landing page makes it easy for potential consumers to make direct transactions.

9. Create an Attractive Design

Information in email marketing content is the main thing, but the role of design is also no less important. Therefore, create an email marketing design that supports your promotional efforts.

Also make sure that the design can be accessed well by computers and cellphones.

10. Choose a Delivery Time

One of the successes of an email marketing strategy is the right timing. You may not send emails as you please. Send promotional messages at the right time, for example if there is an event such as a product exhibition or webinar, send the message five days before the activity.

Then for regular promotions, do email blasts twice a week, namely on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then the delivery time is 10.00 am. Because at that time people start to be active, especially in the office.

11. Using Split Testing Techniques

Split testing is needed to test whether the promotion is successful or not. With split testing, you can prepare various content title designs, email designs, and CTAs.


That’s a discussion about the meaning of email marketing, how it works, as well as effective strategies and tips so that promotional messages carried out via email marketing are successful.

Because it doesn’t require a lot of budget and gives quite good results, it’s not wrong if you also implement this marketing strategy.

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